My Hero Academia Explains The Downside of Dabi's Quirk

In the universe of My Hero Academia, the powers that spring from Quirks typically will have a major downside to them. For example, Class 1-A's Deku will break his own bones if he goes too far with One For All, Chargebolt will lose his mind if he powers up too much, and Eraserhead's powers will cease should he have to close his eyes or blink. With the latest episode of the series being one of the franchise's most tragic, the anime adaptation explains the major weakness of Toya's power, which helped create the villain Dabi.

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, My Hero Academia's UA Academy, and the general public, learned that Dabi was none other than the firstborn son of the number one hero, Endeavor. With the marriage between Enji Todoroki and Rei Himura being forged for the sole purpose of creating children that would have Quirks that combined their own, Toya was trained originally as the next great hero that would, hopefully, be able to overtake All Might. Unfortunately, the downside of the future Dabi's Quirk made it impossible for him to continue in the hero game, leading to the tragic events that resulted in the death of Toya and the birth of the League of Villains member.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

What Is Dabi's Weakness?

Toya's flames that emerged from his body would eventually become stronger than even his father's, but the eldest Todoroki child would discover that what he inherited from his mother would be a major weakness to him. Thanks to Rei's ice powers, Toya, unfortunately, had inherited a strength for resisting the cold, making him far weaker to flame than his father and siblings. This is a major reason why Dabi is so horrifically burned, as Toya's flame powers will routinely cause him to receive some nasty burns. 

Despite never finding a body, Endeavor and his family believed that Toya had died in attempting to become the next great hero. With the Todoroki tragedy pushed front and center, Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki are going to need to figure out who is going to have the best chance at taking down Dabi.

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