My Hero Academia Unnerves with Dabi's Psychotic Plan for Shoto

My Hero Academia has truly unnerved with Dabi's plan for Shoto Todoroki in the newest chapter of [...]

My Hero Academia has truly unnerved with Dabi's plan for Shoto Todoroki in the newest chapter of the series. The fight against Tomura Shigaraki and the heroes has now reached its climax as it's clear that both sides are trying to get in a final victory before the conflict truly reaches its end. This has been especially true for Dabi as he's trying to do everything he can to rub salt in the wounds of Endeavor and the rest of the Todoroki family after his series of massive reveals tying him to their past.

As the fight with Dabi continues in the newest chapter of the series, his plan for his younger brother Shoto is getting even more heated. Dabi's new plan for Shoto is to burn his fire so hot that it will damage Shoto to such an extent that his father will be forced to reckon with losing yet another son just like he thought he lost Toya years ago.

Chapter 293 continues the fight as Dabi now has his arms wrapped tightly around Shoto after using his super hot flames to burn through Best Jeanist's carbon fiber cables. Shoto asks why he's doing this as Dabi is burning himself away as well, but he says he's fine because he sees Endeavor's defeated face all the while he does it.

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Celebrating the fact that their father is about to watch his "puppet masterpiece" in Shoto burn to death within the flames of his "failed experiment" Toya, Dabi is loving that Endeavor is breaking inside because he can't do anything. All he can think of is the kind of face their father will make when the two of them fade to ash.

Luckily, Deku is able to save them at the last moment with some key maneuver's with his Blackwhip quirk. But Dabi still makes his point here as from now on it's clear that even after this major battle is done, he is not going to relent a single bit. Now that his identity and connection to the Todoroki family has been made known, he has no reason to hold back himself anymore.

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