My Hero Academia Flashback Introduces Toya as a Child

My Hero Academia has spent a lot of time exploring the Todoroki clan, but there is still much to learn about the family. Shoto's clan is a troubled one that has faced more anguish than most, and much of that rests on Endeavor's shoulders. In fact, fans just saw the family implode after a big revelation was made about the hero's eldest son, and fans were finally able to meet Toya as a child this week.

The update came courtesy of chapter 291 of My Hero Academia. The new release began on a dark note as Endeavor reflected on the life of Toya. His eldest son was presumed dead after a mysterious accident years ago, but Dabi blew everyone away when he revealed he was the missing boy. Dabi has proven his claims are true, and they forced Endeavor to think back to when Toya was alive.

dabi toya my hero academia

As you can see here, Toya was an adorable child with red hair like his father and wide eyes similar to his mom. The boy had a fiery attitude and was always eager to learn new moves from Endeavor. Toya did not have the quirks Endeavor desired in a child, but he was headstrong enough to carry his father's dreams. But as Toya began to exhibit more genes from Rei, he became incompatible with his fiery quirk. This led Toya to be tossed away by Endeavor after the hero brought Shoto into this world.

As a young boy, Toya seemed carefree and ambitious to a fault. However, something changed between his toddling years and tweens. The boy was beaten down thoroughly by Endeavor's treatment, and the harsh reality of his existence suffocated Toya every day. And as the boy grew more resentful of his father, Toya eventually took the leap to leave that name behind and become Dabi.

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