My Hero Academia Shares Shoto's Reaction to Dabi and His Revelation

My Hero Academia has finally unveiled the long held secret of Dabi's identity, the fire wielding villain who has become one of the most powerful antagonists within the League of Villains, and in doing so, has shattered the world of the heroes, and especially that of Shoto Todoroki. With the young hero who holds the power over both fire and ice, it is clear that the young Todoroki is not handling the revelation well and the world of the professional heroes and their students will never be the same following the War Arc that has caused so many casualties to date.

Warning! We will be revealing the identity of Dabi and the revelations of the War Arc so far so if you don't want to be spoiled, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

Dabi has been revealed to be the eldest child of Endeavor, Toya, who unfortunately was put through a steady series of abuses thanks to the current number one hero attempting to make his offspring into the next generation of heroes. With Dabi revealing his identity to both his father and brother, as well as the world with a pre-recorded video blasted out over televisions around the globe, Shoto is understandably not taking things well but has shown himself to be an amazing hero with his response.

Twitter User Ommanyte shared the reaction that Shoto had, doing his best to hold back his tears after learning about the terrible fate of his brother while also springing into action to battle against Dabi in order to save his friends and hopefully bring an end to the Paranormal Liberation War:


Shigaraki, the current wielder of All For One, might be out of commission, but it's clear that the war is far from over and the battle of the Todoroki family is going to be one of the biggest fights to ever emerge from the world of My Hero Academia!

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