My Hero Academia Introduces The Head Of The Meta Liberation Army, Destro

My Hero Academia has a number of stories yet to tell that have already unfurled in the manga, and [...]

My Hero Academia has a number of stories yet to tell that have already unfurled in the manga, and the most recent episode has just introduced one of the biggest stories to tell in the form of the villain, Destro! Destro, for those who don't know, is in charge of a group of citizens that go by the title of the Meta Liberation Army, who are vying to have no government regulation on their Quirks. Without going into deep spoiler territory, Destro, and his son, will play a heavy role in the series moving forward and the latest installment introduced him to the anime for the first time!

The latest episode saw Destro hitting the scene thanks in part to a video released by Gentle Criminal, the fancy lawbreaker who has been releasing a number of videos online in order to spread his name throughout the world. Thanks to the help of his assistant, La Brava, Gentle is stronger than ever and pulling off some heists that they are hoping will put them on the same levels as both Destro and All For One.

Warning, we'll be going into some mild spoiler territory with regards to Destro and his upcoming role in the series so if you want to go into the anime completely fresh, avoid the rest of this article!

Destro, as mentioned earlier, was in charge of the Meta Liberation Army and went by the name of Chikara Yotsubashi. Though he raised an army in an attempt to "destroy the status quo", which was the origin of his name, it was eventually defeated by the heroes and world at large. Destro himself was imprisoned and wrote his memoirs, only to commit suicide once he finished. Giving his book to the world, the Meta Liberation Army's memory lived on past the death of their leader and especially with the assistance of his son, Re-Destro.

Re-Destro appears later in the franchise, attempting to complete his father's mission of creating a world where Quirks were not hampered by the government. Eventually, Re-Destro falls in line with the League of Villains following a catastrophic battle against Shigaraki, forming a new organization that is dubbed the Paranormal Liberation Front. With this new villain organization having close to 100,000 members, the assault on the heroes of the world in My Hero Academia's manga has begun!

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