Here's How My Hero Academia Should End

My Hero Academia is speeding towards its grand finale whether we are ready or not, so now is the perfect time to look ahead and try and figure out the roadmap to the ending! Kohei Horikoshi is now readying for the next major war of the Final Act, and it's likely that it will serve as the final conflict between the heroes and villains. If the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc is anything to go by, this coming war will be lasting for the better part of the year as it ushers in the next, and probably final status quo for the series.  

Leading with the idea that the "Final Act War" will serve as the ultimate finale of the series, there are a few potential clues and fun ideas My Hero Academia can follow through with as the series continues. It's far too early to  try and predict every single thing that happens, and nothing will replace Horikoshi's actual ideas, but there is one potential kind of ending that could serve as the explosive finale that the series deserves. A finale that will make Izuku and all the other young heroes the greatest. Full manga spoilers for context, of course. 

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

There are several major characters who Horikoshi has teased will have a role in the ending of the series such as surprising names like Hitoshi Shinso, Ochaco Uraraka and more, but for the purposes of this fun exercise we'll be cutting to the meat of the actual final moments of the battle between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. Let's say through the events of the war we lose a number of popular characters on both sides, but the biggest loss will be that of All Might. You can imagine All Might taking a hit for Izuku as he and All For One do direct battle. 

The specifics it really don't matter as long as All Might dies before the final punch is thrown. Deku will be standing off against Shigaraki, and they're the final two left in the midst of a complete crater of the surrounding area. Bakugo and maybe some of the heroes will be watching from the sidelines, and they all root for Izuku. As we have seen hinted at before when Izuku truly used 100% of his One For All power with Eri's help, One For All carries the inherent power of gathering the metaphysical energy everyone and everything around him. All of these hopes would focus in on Izuku in this final moment. 

This gives him one final burst of One For All power, and he sees a visage of All Might. It would be a complete return to his muscular form as the confirmation that he became a full visage (and not like the half measure seen when alive). Gathering his fist for one final smash, Izuku rears it back and All Might punches along side of him. They then clash directly with All For One and Shigaraki's monstrous final fused form, and that actually kicks off the fabled Singularity

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Just as teased that Shigaraki was trying to keep from becoming it, Izuku would end up activating it between the two of them. It's been said that it's a result of all the evolving quirk powers, so what else would kick it off but a full collision of so many different quirk? Let's say that in the space that's created, All Might and All For One take each other out as the past settles itself. This leaves Izuku and Shigaraki into one final fight, but it doesn't end as you expect. In the midst of all of this, maybe time and space is warped in some way

This would leave a young Izuku meeting a young Shigaraki, and in making that connection the two of them put a stop to the singularity and their combined quirks. All of the All For One and One For All powers fade away, and the dust starts to settle. Then either Izuku or Shigaraki dies! Who knows? But what do you think? What kind of ending would you want to see for My Hero Academia? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!