My Hero Academia: Where Are the Final Act's Quirk Evolutions?

The final battle for the fate of Hero Society is underway in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga. While the raging fight for the future of their world has seen many encounters take place that readers have been waiting for, there has been one element that has been absent from the proceedings. The Quirk Singularity Theory had been a major element introduced to the shonen franchise in recent years, hinting at superpowers continuing to evolve and grow more powerful in the universe, but has been absent in this war to end them all.

Throughout the series, we've had the opportunity to see some of the heroes, and villains, evolve with their Quirks gaining some new abilities in the process. For example, the "My Villain Academia" arc of season five saw Shigaraki and his young allies ramping up their abilities thanks to dealing with their own origins and/or facing life-threatening conflicts. The Quirk Singularity Theory has mostly taken a back seat to All For One's continued rampage to bring the world under his thumb, though it certainly seems as though there are plenty of stories to be told in the future when it comes to this potential doomsday scenario.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

All For One Might Only Be The Beginning

We have certainly seen Quirks at their strongest in this last battle of the series, as the likes of Dabi, Shoto Todoroki, Toga, Deku, and countless others have demonstrated how far they've come in the shonen's story. There might not be a better example of how the Quirk Singularity Theory is put into practice than All For One, who has been using his Quirk of the same name to both heal from life-ending wounds and also grant him possible immortality. In the latest chapter of the My Hero Academia, All Might is looking to step back into the ring, but without the full power of One For All, can he stand a chance against his bitter rival?

The Quirk Singularity Theory remains an interesting concept. The idea that these powers could create beings so powerful that they might destroy the world regardless of their affiliation is a concept that could use more study. While Horikoshi has stated in the past that this final fight will be the end of the shonen series, perhaps the universe will return in some shape down the line. 

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