My Hero Academia Theory Explores Hawks' Ties to Lady Nagant

One My Hero Academia theory took a major guess as to how Hawks' past ties into Lady Nagant, the [...]

One My Hero Academia theory took a major guess as to how Hawks' past ties into Lady Nagant, the mysterious new mercenary introduced in the newest chapter. Ever since series creator Kohei Horikoshi officially kicked off the Final Act of My Hero Academia, we have seen a much more intense world for Izuku Midoriya. Hero society is crumbling, and due to the huge One For All target on his back, Izuku has set out on his own (with secret help from the top three heroes) in order to better face All For One's threats to come.

After teasing her arrival to the series in the previous cliffhanger, the newest chapter of My Hero Academia has gotten a ton of fan attention due to the debut of a new villain working for All For One, Lady Nagant. Nagant was revealed to be a former hero who grew disillusioned with hero society, and Hawks teased that she once worked for the Safety Commission directly too. But as @trubwlsum points out, one particular theory tying the two together states that Nagant could have been the one to bring out Hawks' current open personality:

This theory is a bit of a reach considering all Hawks says about Nagant in Chapter 312 of the series is that she is a former senior colleague of his that was his top priority to hunt down following her escape from Tartarus. He tells Izuku to run if she's the one All For One sends after him, and the chapter shows us just how powerful her quirk truly is in the short time we have seen her in action.

The more interesting tease is when All For One recruits Nagant. Her face takes on an intense look when she says that Izuku is "another one clinging to those phony hopes," and it's likely this all ties into the hero she once slain as well. But where does Hawks fit into this situation? If Nagant killed a hero while they were working together in the Safety Commission, and her hatred of heroes ties into this, what does this mean for her impact on Hawks' personality?

Lady Nagant being the one to help Hawks open up during his traumatic upbringing seems far-fetched right now, but it could be a major late game kind of reveal should we get to see her past with Hawks and as a working hero. What do you think of this Hawks and Lady Nagant theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!