My Hero Academia Reveals the True Purpose of Izuku's Pro Hero Alliance

My Hero Academia has been busy watching over Izuku as of late, and it would put things lightly to say fans are worried. The hero has gone off on his own following the escape of All For One. With society fraying under the control of villains, Izuku teamed up with the top heroes in Japan to fight back, and fans have learned the real reason our hero looped Hawks into the ordeal.

The whole thing went live in My Hero Academia chapter 311. The update followed our top three heroes as Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist got to work. The trio was found fighting villains in the city while Izuku went ahead of them with All Might. It was there Endeavor commented on Izuku's situation, and he said the boy pushed the three into an impromptu team-up.

My Hero Academia One For All New Era Izuku Mastery Spoilers
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"He's the one who asked for this, but we're basically using the boy as bait to lure out the League. Except those villains have gone to ground," the embattled hero shared.

Continuing, Endeavor explained why Izuku was set on becoming bait for the team. Izuku knows the most powerful villains on the run will be working closely with All For One. If they want to find the villains and mitigate damage, the heroes need to tail after the mastermind's target. And for better or worse, Izuku is in All For One's sights.

"It's only logical that they'd use the greater confusion and chaos to keep a low profile while going after their target - One For All."


By the end of My Hero Academia chapter 311, Izuku's theory pans out as he is put in the way of a new villain sent by All For One. There is no telling whether the heroes will get to Izuku in enough time to help, so the boy is on his own for now. And if he wants to bring peace to the nation, Izuku is going to need to stay alive and figure out where the League is hiding these days.

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