My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Unleashes New Trailer

A new trailer for the second feature length film of the My Hero Academia, Heroes Rising, and wow is it jam packed with action and new characters for us to sink our teeth into. Featuring some new characters that have yet to make landfall in animation proper, the newest trailer gives us a brand new look into the world that the heroes of UA Academy will be entering into. Originally slated to act as a finale to the franchise, this brand new film features a villain who is the heir apparent to the arch rival of All Might, All For One.

Nine will be the newest villain to encounter the protagonists, attempting to carve his way into the world as the true benefactor to All For One. Alongside him, Nine will have henchmen of his own to assist in his terrifying plans. Considering, as mentioned earlier, this was originally seen as an ending to My Hero Academia overall, it should be interesting to see just how this film reaches its conclusion.

There are a few characters seen in this trailer who have yet to appear in the anime proper, such as the current number two hero, Hawks, who currently have a huge role in the manga. The winged wonder is currently on a top secret mission where he is undercover within the Paranormal Liberation Front, so it should be interesting to see if that is mentioned here in this upcoming film releasing this winter.

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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is currently scheduled to release this December 20th in Japan, but there is currently no word on its release to other territories as of this writing. The film is currently described as such, “A must-see story full of passion!! In this movie, Deku, Bakugo, Ochaco, Todoroki, and all the other members of Class A will make an appearance! Even though All Might was admired by [many] all around the world, it was with a sad heart that he had to give up his hero role as the Symbol of Peace. Because of this, a dark force who was moving behind the scenes, a villain named Nine who can be considered the greatest villain thus far.”

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will be directed by Kenji Nagasaki, who has directed the four seasons of the anime and first movie, with character designs from Yoshihiko Umakoshi, Yosuke Kuroda will be providing the script, Yuki Hayashi will be composing the music for the new film, and like the first film, series creator Kohei Horikoshi will be contributing new character designs and acting as creative supervisor.