My Hero Academia Reveals How Gentle and La Brava First Met

My Hero Academia's fourth season will soon be reaching the climax of the Cultural Festival arc, and the last couple of episodes have introduced fans to a different kind of villainous duo Gentle Criminal and his sidekick La Brava. The two of them immediately seemed much different than the other villains we have previously seen in the anime, and they seem more concerned with getting more people to watch videos of Gentle's crimes than the actual crimes themselves. But as the two of them now set their sights on U.A. Academy, now might be the time to pay attention.

But as the latest episode revealed, there might be more of a sympathetic view for this duo than other villains. As we saw a flashback to how they first met in Episode 83 of the series, the two of them seem a lot less threatening than the villains that have come before...especially considering how La Brava is a naive young fan of Gentle.

Episode 83 of the series sees Gentle Criminal formulating his plan to get to U.A. Academy during their upcoming Cultural Festival, and he reflects for a moment and thanks La Brava for all she's done for him. Although she's completely in awe of his presence (and is a super fan of all of his videos), he hasn't overlooked the fact that his young protege has cause significant change in his life.


As Gentle reveals, he didn't know how to use technology well (and still doesn't). He only learned enough to share a debut video, but it hardly got any views after a month and was full of harsh comments. But one day, La Brava hacked into his account to find his address and revealed that she was a super fan of his. Vowing to one day help him accomplish his dreams, La Brava pledged her fealty from then on. Gentle was so taken aback by having his first fan that he took her under his wing, and with her technological help, the two of them were able to have the views he has today.

This origin story for the duo is far less violent than other villains, and it paints a much different picture than first expected. But with Gentle now making his move on the heroes, the rug could still be pulled out from under us. But what do you think? Does the story of Gentle and La Brava's first meeting sway your view of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!