My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Drops a Damning Question from Nana Shimura

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter has seen One For All's seventh user, Nana Shimura, drop a [...]

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter has seen One For All's seventh user, Nana Shimura, drop a damning question on Izuku Midoriya in one of the series' most pivotal moments: Can Deku kill Tomura Shigaraki? (Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 304 SPOILERS Follow!) In the new My Hero Academia chapter "Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi" we finally get the long-awaited answer to a major question that's been hanging over the series: what makes All Might and Deku so uniquely special when it comes to harnessing the full potential of One For All. And while Izuku proves to be the true chosen one for the power, how he plans to use it is another matter entirely...

After the war between the pro heroes and the League of Villains' Paranormal Liberation Front, the hero world is still stumbling. Many pro heroes are retiring or moving out of Japanese markets, due to the massive villain jailbreak following the war. The main heroes (Endeavor, Hawks, Deku, Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki) are all laid up in the hospital, after facing a power-boosted Shigaraki and totally unhinged Dabi (aka Toya Todoroki). Izuku has been the most concerning of all; after All For One possessed Shigaraki and tried to steal One For All from Deku, Izuku's been left comatose. All Might senses the boys is conferring with OFA's predecessors inside the power's strange realm - what Toshinori can't know is that One For All's users are opening up to Izuku in a way never seen before.

The purpose of this milestone communion is a dire history lesson and warning from the OFA predecessors to Izuku Midoriya. We finally learn the mysterious backstory of One For All's 4th user - which reveals a big truth about One For All: it was meant to give power to those who have none. A quirkless person is a stable vessel for a OFA, but a "normal" person born with a quirk and possessing One For All is compared to overflowing a cup with more water than it can hold. The endpoint is that it's unlikely that more quirkless people will be born in Izuku's generation that can inherit OFA. Deku is looking like the final One For All user, and as such, Nana Shimura and the other predecessors want to know if he'll do the duty of taking out Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia 304 Ending SPoilers Nana Shimura Asks Deku Kill Shigaraki
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That's a hard question for the former hero to ask: she now knows that Shigaraki is her grandson. It's also very awkward timing to ask the question: the war ended with Izuku declaring that he in fact would save Shigaraki from All For One's control. Izuku's answer to Nana's question will either put him at odds with One For All's power, or prove Deku is every bit the no. 1 hero he's destined to become, by swaying the predecessors with his heroic goals for his worst enemy.

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