My Hero Academia: Here's Why One For All Introduced the Predecessors

Back in the day, My Hero Academia didn't make too big of a deal about One For All, but that has [...]

Back in the day, My Hero Academia didn't make too big of a deal about One For All, but that has changed a great deal. In the last couple of years, the quirk has become a huge focus of the series, and Izuku has grown for it. Not long ago, fans were treated to a major secret involving One For All and its many powers, so it is only right we learned why they just cropped up.

The explanation was given not long ago thanks to a new chapter. My Hero Academia went live with chapter 304 this week, and it was there Izuku met with the predecessors of One For All. These heroes are the ones who give him access to different quirks, and the quirk's creator was kind enough to share why they showed up.


"About four months ago, my power - that is to say, One For All - began growing rapidly. Along with that growth, the vestiges of the predecessors within One For All took on more solid forms and they are now able to communicate with each other," the man shared.

"In the earlier battle, my brother's power drew us out by sheer force, allowing us to appear before you more easily than before."

Clearly, it seems the expanded power of All For One directly called out to the predecessors for some reason. As One For All responded to the call, the quirk's former users were brought to the surface, and Izuku was more easily able to tap into their powers. Starting from the Sports Festival on, the gang has been around in some form helping Izuku, and their influence will surely expand as All For One continues his plot to upturn humanity.

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