My Hero Academia's English Dub Casts Its Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia's sixth season might be done with the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, but the troubles swarming the young heroes of UA Academy are just beginning. With Shigaraki using his newfound power and a horde of High-End Nomu to break All For One and several criminals free from prison, one antagonist is about cause Deku specifically some serious problems in the near future of the anime adaptation. Now, My Hero Academia's English Dub has confirmed that they have found its Lady Nagant.

Without diving too deeply into spoiler territory, Nagant has an exceptionally interesting background in Hero Society, especially with her ties to the Public Safety Commission. The PSC might be best known most recently thanks to the flashbacks featuring the number two hero Hawks, in which the commission sprung on the opportunity to add to the young winged wonder to its ranks following Hawks' traumatic childhood. While the Public Safety Commission is responsible for creating a number of heroes and giving them more than enough training to make them threats against any number of villains, season six is about to reveal some of the lengths that the organization would go to in order to keep Hero Society intact.

Who is Lady Nagant?

My Hero Academia's English Dub has cast voice actor Erica Lindbeck as the sinister sniper, with the actor having roles in major franchises including Dragon Ball Super, Demon Slayer, The Seven Deadly Sins, Bungo Stray Dogs, Sailor Moon, and routinely playing the role of Captain Marvel in a number of Marvel projects:

Despite winning the War Arc, the heroes have not been in a good position these past few episodes, with many of them continuing to recover in a hospital as the villains run rampant and Hero Society barely manages to stop itself from falling into chaos. When Deku does eventually come across Lady Nagant, the young hero is going to be in a very different place from how we've seen him throughout the earlier parts of the Shonen franchise, to a point where many anime viewers might not recognize him. 

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