My Hero Academia Manga Sneaks In Bleach Easter Egg

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 sneaks in a fun shout out to Tite Kubo's Bleach.

My Hero Academia's manga might be in the middle of the intense final fights between the heroes and villains, but there was still some time for fun in the newest chapter of the series with a sneaky Easter Egg shout out to Tite Kubo's Bleach manga! My Hero Academia's Final Act has been heating up as the final pivotal fights between the heroes and key villains have been settled one after another in the latest chapters. Now the focus has shifted back to the final clash between All For One and All Might as they are now at the ends of their respective ropes

My Hero Academia is now working its way through All Might's final battle with All For One, and it's such an important fight that La Brava (who has been helping the police keep track of everything happening in the war while streaming it to screens all over Japan) believes that it should be streamed immediately as well. It's here that she activates it with "Live...Stream!!" in very much the same way Bleach characters call for their Bankais as noted in the chapter as well. Check it out below as spotted by @Baird9965 on Twitter: 

What Is Bleach's Bankai? 

Bankai in Bleach are the secondary form to each of the Soul Reapers' Zanpakuto weapons. These forms are unlocked under a few circumstances. Not only must each Soul Reaper have a close bond with their Zanpakuto, but they also need to be strong enough (and trained enough) to wield that secondary transformation. It's treated as the "true" forms of each of their weapons, and Bleach's Bankai come with various transformations and abilities that range from the physical, psychological, and reality bending abilities depending on the user.

It's funny that La Brava uses this "Bankai" phrase to stream All Might's fight with All For One as it will likely take the coverage of the war to a whole new level. The news has been detailing each of the heroes' notable victories and losses so far, but All Might's fight is something that will reach outside of Japan and start shaking up the rest of the world more than it's seen to be now in My Hero Academia's currently fallen hero society

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