My Hero Academia Unpacks What All Might Learned From Deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 reveals how All Might learned how to fight like Izuku Midoriya against All For One.

My Hero Academia is now in the midst of the final fight between All Might and All One, and the newest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga has begun to unpack the lessons All Might actually learned from Izuku Midoriya!  When All Might last used the full bastion of One For All's power against All For One, he was then worried about what kind of use he would be for Deku and the rest of Class 1-A's students without the ability to fight. But as the series continued, it seems he's been working on something huge in the background

It became clear to All Might through the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War and beyond that Deku had learned some bad lessons from him as he tried to take things on all alone. It seems that All Might has been reflecting on this ever since as the newest chapter of the My Hero Academia reveals that All Might has actually taken a few pages out of Deku's playbook for the fight against All For One. Because rather than charging headfirst without a plan like he did before, he's now using all sorts of weapons and tricks to turn the tables against the villain. 

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My Hero Academia: What All Might Learned From Deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 reveals that All Might had actually contracted Melissa Shield to build him a full suit of armor loaded with a ton of weapons. As his final fight against All For One kicks off in full, All Might then reveals he's stocked it full of abilities that mirror each of the Class 1-A students. Using these powers in tandem much like Deku would, he ends the chapter with landing a full Shoot Style kind of smash that he's seen Deku use tons of times. It reflects how much Deku has influenced him in turn. 

Because while Deku was taking all sorts of lessons to become more like All Might, the All Might lacking his former power has learned to think more like his pupil. He's using strategy, and making up for the gaps in All For One's power (such as highlighting that All For One's attack patterns don't account for fighting against those without Quirks). In this final battle All Might is becoming more like his student, but it's this kind of full circle moment that could also spell doom for the hero before it's all over. 

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