My Hero Academia Translation Calls Cute Bakugo Moment Into Question

My Hero Academia has put Izuku Midoriya through a lot, and if we are being honest, a good few of his miseries have involved Bakugo Katsuki. Though once childhood friends, the pair drifted apart when Izuku failed to get a quirk as a child, and Bakugo's bullying behavior went from 0 to 100. Over the years, we've watched the pair forge a new bond where they are both equal, but Izuku still calls his rival Kacchan despite their past. And despite our best wishes, it seems a recent My Hero Academia translation has debunked a scene where Deku musters the courage to call his friend by his name.

The whole ordeal came to light courtesy of My Hero Academia: Team-Up Mission. The side series focuses on the slice-of-life content the main My Hero Academia manga has no time for. From extra class lessons to wild partner exercises, this manga covers the ins and outs of Class 1-A. In its latest volume, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Mission asks Class 1-A to test their stealth skills by impersonating their classmates, and Izuku is asked to copy Bakugo.

The whole situation is adorable because Izuku struggles to imitate a fraction of Bakugo's anger. At one point, we see the boy in full cosplay as Bakugo, and recent translations left fans buzzing as it revealed Izuku called his friend by his real name there rather than Kacchan. But when you look at the original Japanese text, you can see Izuku actually called his friend Kacchan "かっちゃん" rather than Bakugo "爆豪". So if you were smitten by the cute swap, we're sorry to burst your bubble.

Obviously, Izuku's default is to call his friend Kacchan, and no amount of impersonation is going to override the tic. The same goes for how Bakugo almost always calls All Might's successor Deku rather than Izuku. The only time the My Hero Academia manga swaps the names is when Bakugo has something very serious to pass along. For instance, the explosive hero uses Izuku's actual name when he apologizes during the Dark Deku arc. So someday, the hero may return the favor by calling Kacchan by his birth name. When that happens, we are sure My Hero Academia fans will weep, and it will bring the Deku-Dynamight duo a step closer in the right direction. 

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