My Hero Academia Drops New Art Highlighting Deku and Dynamight

My Hero Academia is looking to end its sixth season on a far quieter note than how it began. With Deku's Dark Hero storyline seeming to come to an end now that his friends have managed to talk some sense into him, it's clear that Midoriya and Bakugo have been two of the MVPs for this latest batch of episodes. Now, new art has emerged of the pair of rivals thanks to the band known as Eve, who helped in creating the latest opening theme for the anime adaptation.

My Hero Academia Season 6 saw Shigaraki and the League of Villains take things up a notch by beginning the Paranormal Liberation War. With several My Hero Academia characters dying as a result of this battle, including fan favorites such as the villainous Twice, Deku has been left attempting to pick up the pieces as Hero Society hangs on by a thread. In the My Hero Academia manga, the final saga is playing out by giving readers some of the biggest battles of the shonen series to date as heroes young and old have assembled to fight against not just Shigaraki, but also a revived All For One who might be at his most powerful.

My Hero Academia: Deku & Dynamight Art

Eve created the opening theme for the second cours of My Hero Academia's sixth season, with the footage used for this opener showing how dark Deku has become following the War Arc. In creating a new jacket for their track, Eve dove right into the relationship between Midoriya and Bakugo. With Dynamight finally apologizing for the hell he put his rival through in the past, they'll need all heroes on deck for the potential seventh season of the anime.

With Studio Bones prepping to bring My Hero Academia's sixth season to an end, Deku might have learned from his friends but he still has to worry about the citizens of Hero Society not being thrilled with his current status as the target of All For One. Most of this latest season has seen the heroes attempting to blast away problems with their fists, but the change of tide with the general public is one that will need to be confronted in a very different way. Luckily for Deku, he's about to get some major help from his friends

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