My Hero Academia Sees Bakugo Do The Impossible: Watch

My Hero Academia Season 6 is preparing to say goodbye. With Lady Nagant defeated, Deku doesn't have time to take a victory lap as the mentee to All Might continues pushing himself to the limit in an effort to hold Hero Society together. Shockingly enough, the threat Izuku Midoriya now faces is from his friends at UA Academy, as Class 1-A is attempting to stop Deku from his suicidal task. With each of the young heroes giving their all, Bakugo performs an action that many thought viewers would never see.

So what does Bakugo do in My Hero Academia Season 6 that he's never done before? Well, the Murder God Dynamight apologizes to Deku for his past treatment of the current One For All wielder. The My Hero Academia characters have grown by leaps and bounds since the start of the series when it comes to their Quirks, but they've also managed to become better people by focusing on their super heroics. Apologizing to Deku is something that both viewers of the anime and readers of the My Hero Academia manga never believed they would see, showing that despite his fiery personality, he is continuing to grow and it's clear that Deku has had an influence on Dynamight.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's Apology

Bakugo and Deku knew one another long before they became students at the prestigious UA Academy. While the former was granted a wildly powerful Quirk early on, the latter had no powers until he had the fateful meeting with All Might. Despite their differences in personality, the battles they've both been a part of has helped in solidifying their bond and Bakugo's apology goes a long way in showing how Dynamight has progressed in the anime.

There's only one episode left before season 6 of the anime adaptation comes to an end, laying the groundwork for My Hero Academia's anime to dive into the battle of the Final Arc. Aside from once again pitting the heroes of UA against Shigaraki and his forces, the manga has given readers some wild moments and revelations when it comes to the storyline that will end the popular shonen series. At present, Studio Bones has yet to confirm whether season 7 is in production, though based on previous seasons, we could potentially receive a confirmation immediately following the season finale. Season 7 could very well be the end of the anime so it might be time to get your goodbyes ready for your favorite anime superheroes.