My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Dark Deku to Life

One awesome My Hero Academia cosplay has brought Izuku Midoriya's "Dark Deku" self to life! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series kicked off in the manga this year, and while there is still no telling just how long this final phase of the series will last, it introduced an interesting new status quo with it. After the Paranormal Liberation War shook the foundation of the series forever and completely destroyed hero society as Japan knew it, Izuku had to take on much of the fallout onto his own shoulders due to the pressures of One For All. 

These pressures started to morph him in a way that was completely unlike the Deku that we had seen before the Final Act, and definitely before the events of the war. Deku started to become far more dark and twisted his hero costume the more he began to constantly fight without rest, or even maintaining this suit. It all began quite gradually to as Deku began with a close approximation of his hero gear at first, and it's this vigilante look that artist Lorentz iWood brings to life awesomely through cosplay on Instagram (complete with a slick Dark Deku mask too)! Check it out below: 

This all kicks off with the Final Act of the manga, and it's still unfolding as to how the rest of the world has been shaping up after the war. These past few chapters have only been focused on Deku's life beyond the war, so there are still many updates and reunions that we need to see play out. This is especially true for the anime which is finally getting ready for war in full with the end of the fifth season. Now that the two sides have evolved, the war is set to begin. 


The final episode of the fifth season ended with the tease of a full war between the heroes and the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front, and this will all come to pass with the confirmed Season 6 of the anime. The release window or date has yet to be set for the new season, unfortunately, but it features some pretty big moments for Deku and the rest of the cast. And after that, fans will then see this Dark Deku in action not much longer after! What do you think? How did you like Izuku's vigilante look? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!