My Hero Academia Creator Gifts Fans a New Shonen Recommendation

When it comes to manga, it seems hundreds of series are vying for your attention at once. The distraction never goes away even when you are dealing with just one genre of the field. That goes doubly for shonen given how popular the demo has become, but of course, readers can rely on recommendations to get them by. And now, the creator of My Hero Academia has dropped a new series for fans to read.

What is it? It is none other than Dragon and Chameleon. The manga just dropped its first volume courtesy of creator Ryo Ishiyama, and it seems like Kohei Horikoshi loves the new shonen.

"Ishiyama is a person who truly loves shonen manga from the bottom of his heart. You can say he's someone captured in shonen manga love. This manga is Ryo Ishiyama as he is. The manga bout mangaka is written with blood and bones and body and spirit," the creator of My Hero Academia wrote about the new series (via shibuyasmash). The blurb was shared in the first volume of Dragon and Chameleon to draw in readers, and it turns out Ishiyama is geeked about the comment.

Taking to Twitter, the artist thanked Horikoshi for reading their manga, and you can tell how excited Ishiyama is just by his words. "I received a sample of volume one! My Hero Academia's creator Kohei Horikoshi wrote a recommendation for the [intro]. I'm super happy. I'm really happy. Thank you! I will treasure your comment for the rest of my life."

For those unfamiliar with Dragon and Chameleon, the manga runs in Monthly Gangan Joker, and it can be read online through Manga Up. The series itself is a body-swap story that follows two different mangaka. One is considered a genius while the other was labeled a failure by their peers. When the two begin switching bodies, their lives are turned upside down, so they soon learn they have more than their reputations at stake. 

Hopefully, Ishiyama will be able to continue their work on this new series for some years. After all, Horikoshi was given the same opportunity after starting serialization on My Hero Academia. The manga is one of the top-selling of all time and remains a consistent best-seller in the United States. Horikoshi is still working on the My Hero Academia manga under Weekly Shonen Jump where its final act is underway. As for the anime, My Hero Academia season 6 just wrapped at Studio Bones. The anime has already confirmed season 7 is in the works, but no release window has been given for My Hero Academia's television return. 

Do you plan on checking out Dragon and Chameleon now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.