My Hero Academia Reveals Bakugo's Reaction to Best Jeanist's Return

My Hero Academia knows how to surprise fans, and it reminded everyone as such this past weekend when its new chapter went live. Fans were taken aback when it was revealed a major hero was back in action, and that person was none other than Best Jeanist. The hero has been missing from the public eye for awhile, and readers were led to believe Best Jeanist had been killed. But as it turns out, that trail false and Bakugo Katsuki was sure of it the whole time.

After all, the hero-in-training had a bit to share when Best Jeanist made his grand comeback. My Hero Academia fans watched as the top hero came into the battlefield with a bang as he tied down the League of Villains as well as Gigantomachia. The man came prepared for all-out war, and Bakugo perked up after seeing his quasi-mentor show up.

My Hero Academia Best Jeanist Return Fight Injury Manga 291 Spoilers

Despite being gravely injured, Bakugo stepped out of Iida's hold to carry himself on his own two feet. Bakugo gave a savage grin upon seeing Best Jeanist and mocked all the reports which said the hero was likely missing in action. "Yeah right," Bakugo scoffed.

The vindictive reaction shows fans just how much Bakugo believes in Best Jeanist despite their hairy history. As most will remember, Best Jeanist sponsored Bakugo for an internship after the Sports Festival. It was there the pro hero drilled the importance of image into Bakugo if he wanted to be a hero people admired. If he let his anger overrule him, Bakugo would end up as derided as Endeavor, and Bakugo wasn't amenable to the lesson... that is, at first. In the time since the internship, Bakugo has come to respect Best Jeanist, and so you can see why the boy has some pep in his step. And if we are really lucky, Bakugo might finally share his hero name with the world now that Best Jeanist is here to hear it!


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