My Hero Academia Reveals the Fate of Midnight's Killer

My Hero Academia has revealed the fate of R-Rated Hero: Midnight's killer, Gigantomachia. Nemuri Kayama's death was one of the most brutal and shocking deaths of the series – mostly because no one expected it was coming. After being lauded as one of the top pro heroes, and established as one of the most beloved teachers at U.A. High School, Midnight was brutally injured by both Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress and then finished off by a mob of Paranormal Liberation Front attackers, who slaughtered her in cold blood. 



In My Hero Academia manga chapter 383, we get the (much-needed) backstory of how members of Class 1-A and Shinso ended up corralling Gigantomachia into being their personal steed in the fight against All For One's main body. In order to get that story we have to go back to where Giagantomachia could even be found...

It turns out that after his rampage during the Paranormal Liberation War, Gigantomachia was locked down in a "containment facility" within the ruins of Jaku Hospital. The villain is seen being restraind buy metallic cables and headgear to keep him blind, deaf, and leashed. 

Unfortunately, none of the restraints on Machia can withstand All For One's scheme to free the monster. Using one of his Paranormal Liberation Front lieutenants, All For One blasts Gigantomachia with an "ultrahigh-frequency emitter) that mimics his voice, so that 'Machia can free himself. 

It take the quick-thinking of the kids of Class 1-A, some pro hero forces and Shinso to turn the tables on the villains more than once, but they end up averting disaster by having Shinso successfully wrangle Gigantomachia using his Persona Cords modulator to imitate All For One's voice, in order to Brainwash Gigantomachia using his quirk. 

As the chapter ends, Gigantomachia is seen as one of the major forces of power coming together (Gigantomachia, Mt. Lady, Fumikage Tokoyami) to force All For One to expend all his power just to keep them at bay. If All For One is at a stalemate, he can't reach Shigaraki and complete his transformation into the most unholy evil overlord the world has ever seen. 

My Hero Academia has loved to expand its story into one of togetherness – of friends, allies, and colleagues all coming together to string "threads of hope" together to achieve victory. This small measure of delaying All For One could be just another thread needed to help Izuku Midoriya and One For All achieve victory over evil. 

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