'My Hero Academia' Creator Announces San Diego Comic Con Appearance

If it wasn't already apparent that My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi is sitting on one of [...]

If it wasn't already apparent that My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi is sitting on one of the most successful manga/anime crossover hits of the last few years, maybe this will: Horikoshi has just announced that he will be making an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International!

As you can see above, Viz Media made the announcement via Twitter, with a time-lapse video featuring Horikoshi sketching My Hero Academia's main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, with the official "See you at Comic-Con" caption to hammer the point home. Needless to say, fans attending SDCC 2018 are going to be hyped to hear this, and we expect the line to get to Horikoshi is going to be one of the longer ones at the convention.

My Hero Academia follows young Izuku Midoriya, a boy born into a world where a significant percent of the population are born with superpowers known as "quirks," and an entire industry of "Pro Heroes" protects the world. Izuku is the biggest Pro Hero fanboy around, but life hands him a sad fate when it's revealed he has no quirk. However, one day, when a villain attack forces Izuku to rush in and risk his life to save a friend, his act of heroism is noticed by All Might, the most popular superhero in the world. All Might reveals that his unstoppable power quirk, "One For All" can be passed on to new generations of heroes - and he chooses Izuku to be his official successor. Izuku enrolls in U.A., the top school for training Pro Heroes, and so begins the story of how young Midoriya grows into one of the greatest heroes in the world.

In just two seasons, the My Hero Academia anime has grown into one of the most popular and acclaimed series around, thanks largely to its unique interpretation of classic Marvel and DC Comics lore. The visual style Horikoshi created for the series is top-notch, and Toho animation has carried that quality over to the anime. The response from the crowd at SDCC may let Horikoshi know just deeply his series has penetrated here in the west.

My Hero Academia is simulcasting season 3 Sub episodes every Saturday on Hulu and Funimation streaming services. My Hero Academia English Dub is now airing Saturday nights on Toonami.

Photo Credit: Azer0xHD @ DeviantARt