My Hero Academia Promo Teases Intense Hostage Situation

My Hero Academia is teasing an intense hostage situation coming in the next episode of Season 5! [...]

My Hero Academia is teasing an intense hostage situation coming in the next episode of Season 5! The fifth season of the series will be rounding out the final moments of the Endeavor Agency arc soon, and while fans are definitely exciting to see what's coming next for the anime, there's still quite a lot to break down before this arc comes to an end. The conflict of the arc thus far has been a return to the Todoroki Family dynamic as the rest of the family deals with Endeavor trying to reconnect, and now it's going to get a little more literal.

Episode 106 of the series is titled "The Unforgiven" and while this is in reference to how Shoto and Natsuo are struggling to truly forgive or even deal with their father following their abusive upbringing with him, this is also in reference to the villain that we got our first real look at during the post-credits scene from the newest episode. Naturally, this villain has a major grudge against Endeavor as well. You can check out the promo below from My Hero Academia's official Twitter account:

This new villain is named Ending, and it's been confirmed that he'll be voiced by Kisho Taniyama, who can be heard in franchises like Attack on Titan, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Shaman King, The Misfit of Demon King Academy, and more before his debut in My Hero Academia. As we can see in the promo for Episode 106, he's been waiting by the Todoroki house for his chance to make a move and decides to kidnap Natsuo when he sees the Todoroki coming out.

Now the combative energy between Endeavor and his son is about to become far more palpable as it takes on this twisted physical form, and he along with Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto have to do everything they can to save Natsuo from this villain quickly and safely. But what do you think of this look at My Hero Academia's next episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!