My Hero Academia Points Out One of Monoma's Best Strategies

My Hero Academia's final battle of the Joint Training Exercise Arc is currently underway, and while a lot of the discussion following the latest episode revolved around Deku's new power known as Blackwhip, the Class 1-B superstar known as Monoma was attempting to show off his skills not only with his Quirk, but also his devious tactical mind. With a Quirk that allows him to copy the Quirk of others once he touches his target, it's clear that the final fight in this UA Academy Civil War will be anything but easy for either side of the aisle.

While Monoma does present himself early to Deku, it's clear that he had far more up his sleeves than the protagonist of the hero had expected, with Midoriya attempting to decipher which hero's Quirk he had copied to start things off. Deku himself was hesitant to respond to anything that his 1-B opponent would say, believing that he might have copied Shinso's brainwash technique. With Monoma showing his ability to control Emily's Quirk, Poltergeist, he is able to unleash a torrent of projectiles at Deku while also goading him on with insults hurled his way and toward Bakugo, causing Izuku to lose control and unleash the power of Blackwhip.

Twitter User A Little Bit Artsy hilariously highlighted Monoma wasting next to no time in continuing his attack against Midoriya, following the young Deku managing to keep his Blackwhip under control with the help of both Ochaco and Shinso:

Class 1-A is at a spot where they cannot lose the Joint Training Exercise Arc at this point, but should they lose this final battle, the overall conflict would end in a draw. Following the conclusion of this arc, Season Five still has some big surprises lying in wait, with the next arc following the antagonists of the League of Villains and touted by many as one of the best storylines of the series to date.


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