My Hero Academia Stuns With Ochaco's Emotional Izuku Save

My Hero Academia stunned with Ochaco Uraraka's emotional save of Izuku Midoriya in the newest [...]

My Hero Academia stunned with Ochaco Uraraka's emotional save of Izuku Midoriya in the newest episode of the series! The fifth season of the anime has been adapting the Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga release, and the newest episode brought about a major turning point for the arc and the season as a whole. Following up on that strange dream inside of One For All that Izuku had towards the beginning of the season, it's soon revealed that Izuku had another power dwelling within One For All's collection that began to go out of control.

The newest episode of the series saw this brand new power within Izuku manifesting itself, and as it began to destroy the arena and leave Izuku himself in a helpless state, Ochaco Uraraka surprised by jumping straight into Izuku's arms in an attempt to help him calm down. Through some quick thinking and help from Hitoshi Shinso, she manages to save Izuku from his power.

Episode 98 of the series sees Izuku exploding with the new Black Whip quirk residing within One For All. While it continues to send strands of energy, Ochaco sees Izuku struggling and jumps right for him. Failing to get Izuku to calm down, she continues to hang on anyway despite the danger. Spotting Shinso nearby, she yells out and tells Shinso to get Izuku under Shinso's brainwashing power.

This ends up succeeding, and after Izuku finds out a little more about One For All, Ochaco wakes him back up with a very pointed slap to his face. The two of them float safely back down as they worry about one another being hurt. They can't dwell on this moment for too long, however, as they are still in the midst of this battle against Class 1-B's team led by Monoma Naito. But itis quite a huge moment for Ochaco seeing as she was willingly throwing herself into danger to save Izuku without hesitation.

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