My Hero Academia Ends My Villain Academia

The war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army has come to a close in the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, and with the conclusion of this super villain civil war, the world of heroes has been placed in that much more danger. With this latest penultimate episode of season five, Shigaraki and Re-Destro end their battle for supremacy, with the future of both villain factions seeing some major changes implemented as the heir to All For One revels in his newfound power and Re-Destro goes "Plus Ultra" himself.

Warning. If you don't want the ending of My Villain Academia spoiled, turn back now as we'll be diving into some major spoiler territory for the latest episode.

With Shigaraki fully remembering his origin story, with All For One taking in the young child and molding him into the villain that we know today, his full power was unleashed in his battle against Re-Destro. Even with the CEO head of the Meta Liberation Army pushing his Quirk to its limit by hitting 150%, he is ultimately unable to bring down the leader of the League of Villains. Using the full power of Decay, Shigaraki is able to destroy a large part of the battlefield, while also completely blowing off Re-Destro's legs, with the MLA head forced to amputate in order to save himself.

Seeing a boy who is free of the past, Re-Destro tells the rest of his army to stand down and gives the reins of the MLA to Shigaraki and the League, which not only entails insane amounts of funding but over one hundred thousand members now at their command. As Shigaraki is crowned the leader of both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, the two factions are united with a new name in the "Paranormal Liberation Front". 

There is one episode left in the fifth season of My Hero Academia, which is surely setting the stage for the sixth season that will most likely dive into the "War Arc". In this upcoming saga, the heroes and the villains will square off in a battle, unlike anything the series has seen before, and rest assured, there are some major casualties on the way. 

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