My Hero Academia Surprises With Stealth Shigaraki Power Up

My Hero Academia is readying to bring My Villain Academia to a close, with the latest episode not only diving into the backstory of Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains and the heir apparent to All For One, but also showed off his battle against the head of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro. In the latest episode of the fifth season, Shigaraki's powers have been growing exponentially, with the recent encounter against Re-Destro seemingly unlocking even more new secrets to his Quirk as well as the body that houses it.

In the previous episode of the Meta Liberation Army Arc, we've seen Shigaraki managing to use his Quirk in a way that didn't need him to touch a target, with his decay spreading to a number of opponents and turning them into dust as they tried to bum rush the head of the League. Now, with Re-Destro staring him down and the two fighting, the Meta Liberation Army leader is using the power of his Stress in order to unleash a flurry of heavy-hitting attacks. Unfortunately for Re-Destro, it would seem that Shigaraki's evolution has only been continuing with the full realization of his origin exploding in his brain.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

During the fight, Shigaraki is able to move faster than he ever has, darting around the ultimate form of Re-Destro, while also showing that he is able to spread his decay without using all five of his fingers. With his origin story told, it would seem that the heir to All For One is only continuing to gain strength. 

There are only a handful of episodes left before the fifth season of My Hero Academia comes to a close, with the results of this super-villain civil war changing the face of hero society forever. While season six hasn't been confirmed as of yet, the franchise is so popular that it's most likely only a matter of time before we receive a confirmation that the next chapter of the Shonen franchise will be diving into the War Arc, a battle that will see the worlds of heroes and villains clash. Rest assured, the War Arc earns its title as one of the series' biggest storylines, with both sides receiving some major casualties.


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