My Hero Academia Debuts Ochaco's New Season 5 Costume

My Hero Academia has officially debuted Ochaco Uraraka's new hero costume with the newest episode [...]

My Hero Academia has officially debuted Ochaco Uraraka's new hero costume with the newest episode of the fifth season! When the second cour of the anime's fifth season officially kicked off, it debuted with a new set of opening and ending themes that teased what we could expect to see with this next half of the season. Not only was it packed with our first looks at some major villains coming our way, but it also shared the first look at how the young heroes would be changing as they took on their mandatory work studies under the pro heroes.

This included a first look at new costumes for heroes like Ochaco Uraraka, and while the first look seemed to tease that she would be making adjustments to her hero gear it wasn't quite clear what those changes would actually be. That's changed with the newest episode of the season, however, as we not only have gotten confirmation that this is a new suit we got to see what these new additions to her gear actually change for her fighting style.

Episode 104 of the series is an original anime story exploring Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui's time working with Ryukyu, and Ochaco confirms that she got a new costume that she had ordered prior. With new arm gauntlets and a different type of head gear, she hilariously avoids explaining that she had changed her costume as a result of what happened when she tried to jump in and save Izuku Midoriya when his Blackwhip had gone out of control at the end of the joint training exercise with Class 1-B.

We then get to see what these improvements are as her gauntlets now shoot out a wire that allows her to traverse across areas a lot easier. So not only can she use her ability to float, the wire now allows her to essentially fly through the sky much like the pro hero Ryukyu that she's working under. It's all in service of better being able to help those in mid-air like Izuku was. But we'll be seeing more of these improvements soon in future episodes.

What do you think of Ochaco Uraraka's new hero costume? Which other heroes would you want to see get costume upgrades or makeovers like this in My Hero Academia's future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!