My Hero Academia Season 6 Drops Important Nod to Bakugo's Rescue

My Hero Academia is almost done with season 6, and it would put things lightly to say the show's comeback was a success. After a mixed reaction to season 5, the team at Studio Bones made sure to do Izuku justice with his big comeback. This week, all of the team's work culminated in one of the best My Hero Academia episodes to date, and the season 6 release nods to an important scene during the Hideout Raid arc.

If you will remember, the previous My Hero Academia shook up hero society in a big way as All For One came out of the woodwork. After an attack on the UA Training Camp, fans watched as Class 1-A did its best to rescue Bakugo Katsuki from the League of Villains. In the end, Izuku teamed up with Kirishima, Momo, Iida, and Todoroki to bring their classmate home. And of course, this iconic moment was referenced this week when Class 1-A came together as a whole to rescue Deku.

For those caught up with the anime, you will know season 6 of My Hero Academia put a target on Deku's back, and he left UA High School to keep everyone safe. Class 1-A was not down with that self-sacrificing nonsense and put together a plan to save Izuku. This week, we saw that epic strategy go into action though Izuku shook off most of his friends. But in the end, Bakugo pulled a Deku by figuring out which Class 1-A student was the best to grab Izuku's hand.

Yes, that is right. My Hero Academia season 6 reached out yet another hand while rescuing a student in need. Back in season 3, the anime saw Izuku formulate his plan to save Bakugo, and it ended in Kirishima reaching out to the explosive blonde while Iida and Izuku were on standby. Now, My Hero Academia season 6 has mirrored that moment as Bakugo teamed up with Todoroki and Iida to bring Izuku home, and the blonde decided Ingenium was the best person to grab Izuku's hand.

It goes without saying the relationship between Izuku and Bakugo is a complicated one, but their bond is undeniable. From childhood friend to bully and rival, Bakugo is on the cusp of friendship with Izuku after all these years. Still, there is a gap between the two, and both of the heroes recognize it. This barrier is what led Izuku to push Kirishima towards Bakugo, and it is what convinced Bakugo to highlight Iida in his strategy. In some cases, history can hurt a plan rather than help, so the two rivals couldn't reach out their own hands to one another. But now that Bakugo has aired out his regrets to Izuku, the barrier between the two will only thin from here on out.

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