My Hero Academia Gets Emotional With Deku vs. Class 1-A Poster

My Hero Academia Season 6 has now entered its final few episodes, and the anime has gotten very emotional with a new poster highlighting the climax of Izuku Midoriya's fight with Class 1-A in the newest episode of the series! My Hero Academia's anime has been one intense fallout after another ever since it kicked off the second half of Season 6's run of episodes earlier this year, and this has all come to a head as Deku has put so much of the emotions of these events onto his shoulders in his attempt to take on All For One all on his own. 

My Hero Academia's anime then brought it all to a climax with the newest episode of the series as Class 1-A did everything they could to stop Deku and somehow knock some sense into him. My Hero Academia's characters have been dealing with a lot since the war against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One went down last year, so it's made clear in the newest episode that Deku isn't the only one who wants to fight back and stop the villains regardless of the danger. This is all then reflected in the special poster for the episode that you can check out below from My Hero Academia's official Twitter account: 

Who Wins Deku vs. Class 1-A Fight? 

My Hero Academia's manga teased that the Final Act of the story would be the toughest for Deku yet, and that has been made very true with the latest arc of the anime. The Black Hero arc has really put Deku through the ringer as he's trying to master his new One For All abilities while trying to avoid All For One's assassins. It's damaged him physically and mentally, and Class 1-A was not exactly going to let him keep fighting all on his own. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 136 then sees Class 1-A trying to take down Deku and bring him back to a fortified U.A. Academy, and although he's able to fight back against much of their efforts, it's not until they team up and have Tenya Iida match his speed and catch up to him that Deku finally relents. Breaking down in tears, now it's truly time for the Final Act of the anime's story to begin. 

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