My Hero Academia Season 6 Proves Mama Midoriya Is Still the Best

My Hero Academia's anime has brought Deku's "Dark Hero" career to an end, and the shonen world might be a better place for it. While the previous installment of season 6 mostly focused on his fellow classmates at UA Academy attempting to quell a civilian uprising, there was an "MVP" who has been rooting for Midoriya Izuku for quite some time. Deku's mother, Inko Midoriya, might not have been the star of the show in the latest installment, but her love for her son shined bright.

Unlike her son, Inko did have a Quirk of her own. While not a superpower that would help her to become a crime fighter like her son, her Quirk would attract objects to her body that might be useful in a more day-to-day setting. My Hero Academia season 6 has seen Inko worrying for her son and with good reason, as even before his stint as a dark vigilante patrolling the city streets, the Paranormal Liberation War might have brought Deku closer to death than ever before. While Midoriya might once again be a part of UA Academy, the fight for the soul of Hero Society is far from over and plenty of My Hero Academia characters will have a rough road ahead.

Inko Midoriya MVP

Inko was a part of the crowd that was seeking refuge at UA Academy as All For One's plans of turning back the clock on Hero Society have seen lawlessness run rampant. Watching Deku's friends stand up for him, it goes a long way in showing how far her son has come, not simply thanks to One For All, but thanks to his character. With My Hero Academia season 6 preparing to end, Deku could certainly use a break and some time with his loved ones following this difficult season.

While season 7 has yet to be confirmed for the anime adaptation, an announcement might be right around the corner considering the popularity of My Hero Academia. The series will have a panel at this week's Anime Expo, the large event held in Japan that will also house countless other anime adaptations. As the Final Arc continues in the pages of the manga, anime fans are left wondering how many more seasons and/or movies the series will have before coming to an end.

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