My Hero Academia Names Ochaco Season 6's Newest MVP

My Hero Academia Season 6 has taken one huge step towards its grand finale, and My Hero Academia has named Ochaco Uraraka the anime's newest MVP thanks to her big stand in the newest episode! The My Hero Academia characters have seen better days as My Hero Academia Season 6 has put them through the wringer. Ever since the fight against Tomura Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front during the first half the season, Japan has fallen into chaos as not only are there fewer heroes than ever, but they are also being treated worse than ever by the scared public. 

This all came to a climax with My Hero Academia's Black Hero Arc as Izuku Midoriya and the members of Class 1-A fought each other to the point where Deku was able to accept any help from them at all. In their attempt to reintegrate him back into the fortified U.A. Academy in the newest episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, Ochaco played a big role in helping the scared public calm down enough to help out Deku. It's this reason My Hero Academia Season 6 has named her the newest MVP: 

My Hero Academia: Why Ochaco is Season 6's Newest MVP

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137 serves as the penultimate episode for the My Hero Academia anime's newest season, and begins with the civilian refugees at U.A. Academy fearing for their own safety and refusing entry for Deku. But hearing all of this despite how much Deku has been fighting all on his own, Uraraka is inspired to use her ability to get to the top of the U.A. Academy building and speak some sense into the public. Arguing that Deku just needs a safe place to rest, their options are very limited. 

This meant that the scared people there needed to let their walls down and see Deku for the person he is. My Hero Academia Season 6 has been contending with the line between the heroes and the public, and seeing Deku so worn down after Ochaco's speech was enough to temporarily alleviate the fear and move everyone forward just a little bit before the real final battle kicks in next season

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