My Hero Academia Outs Danger Sense's Darkest Scene Yet

My Hero Academia has put Deku through a lot this past year. Outside of the manga and its final act, the anime did not flinch away from the darkness of season 6. From death to war and grief, the My Hero Academia anime did it all, and its most recent episode toed the abyss once again by outing an upsetting moment with Danger Sense.

After all, Deku has become a big fan of the power, and Danger Sense has helped him in more ways than we can count already. My Hero Academia season 6 put Danger Sense to good use against Lady Nagant, and we saw how well it can differentiate threats. The quirk did not go off on Class 1-A as Izuku's friends did not want to hurt him for real, but Danger Sense did alert big time when Deku got back to school.

After all, My Hero Academia season 6 brought Izuku back to U.A. High School this week, and it would put things lightly to say it went bad. The heroes could not stop the city's evacuees from hurling their hatred and frustration upon Izuku. It got to the point a riot nearly broke out, and it was there Izuku's Danger Sense went off.

The dark scene showed several civilians as if they were being x-rayed, and their features were distorted in rage. The horrifying scene made the people look like monsters, and all of their anger was pointed at Deku. The hero could do nothing but tear up at the assault, and Danger Sense wanted Deku to run. Luckily, Ochaco nipped the whole thing in the bud by knocking some sense into the crowd, but honestly? This confrontation between Izuku and the civilians he protects was rough.

Of course, My Hero Academia season 6 ended everything on a light note, and Izuku is now about to get some much-needed rest. However, it will not be long before things rev up for our heroes. The war against All For One has barely begun, and we've already seen part of it play out in Kohei Horikoshi's manga. Danger Sense has way more mileage to run through at this point. And hopefully, no more civilians will trigger the quirk moving forward.

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