My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Promo Released

My Hero Academia Season 6 is now preparing for the end of its run, and a new promo has been released to give fans the first look at My Hero Academia's Season 6 finale! The My Hero Academia anime officially kicked off the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga story with the final few episodes of Season 6 adapting the Black Hero arc, and Deku and the rest of My Hero Academia's characters have been put through some of their toughest trials yet following the fight against Tomura Shigaraki and Paranormal Liberation Front in the first half of Season 6 last year. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 has finally reached the final episode of its run this Winter, and that means that we will close out the final events of Dark Deku's tragic arc and lead up to the events of the grand finale now playing out in My Hero Academia's manga. My Hero Academia Season 6's finale is teasing some final moments of recovery for All Might, Deku, and the other heroes before they make their next attempts on the villains, and you can check out the promo for the Season 6 finale below: 

How to Watch My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale

My Hero Academia Season 6's finale is titled "No Man Is an Island," and Deku teases the events of the finale as such, "After returning to U.A., I made a new vow with my friends from Class A. We sword to take back what we had lost. That's right. We would all move together, and get those smiles back." The promo for My Hero Academia Season 6 is teasing that there's still quite a long road to recovery for the heroes as not only are Deku and Class 1-A recovering for the next step, but All Might has been dealing with a major crisis. 

After failing to help Deku in My Hero Academia's latest arc, All Might has been struggling with his place in this falling apart hero world. It seems like after Hero Killer Stain's escape from the Tartarus Prison, he's been biding his time and waiting to make his move. With his desire to kill All Might, it's made this upcoming confrontation all the more intriguing. Now it's just a matter of seeing how My Hero Academia Season 6 wraps all of this into its end. 

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