My Hero Academia Season 7: Star and Stripe Voice Actor Revealed

My Hero Academia brought its sixth season to an end but in its final minutes, introduced a major new player to the anime world in Star And Stripe. The number one hero of America is shown flying to confront Shigaraki and All For One, giving Deku and his friends a much-needed assist as the final battle for Hero Society is about to begin. Now, before the hero who holds an appearance similar to All Might shows off her stuff, the anime series has confirmed which voice actor brings Star And Stripe to life.

Without venturing into full-blown spoiler territory, let's break down the status and abilities of America's number one hero who will be front and center in My Hero Academia Season 7. Star And Stripe has an affinity for All Might, fashioning herself based on the former symbol of peace's appearance thanks to Toshinori Yagi saving her life. While the top American crime fighter might look like All Might, her Quirk is far different than One For All. Star And Stripe's Quirk, named "New Order", allows the hero to declare "rules" on anything in her surroundings or that she touches. The reason why she has such a massive build and amazing powers is that she uses one rule on herself for example.

My Hero Academia's Captain America

In the My Hero Academia Season 6 finale, Star and Stripe is voiced by voice actor Romi Park. Anime fans might know her best for her roles as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Hange in Attack on Titan, Temari in Naruto, and Koichi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Needless to say, expect the American hero to have a big impact on the My Hero Academia anime when season 7 arrives.

While My Hero Academia has confirmed that the seventh season is in the works, fans of the anime franchise are left wondering whether the next season will be it's last. At present, in the shonen's manga, the final battle between Class 1-A and All For One is taking place, meaning there is the possibility that the next batch of installments might be the anime adaptation's last. Regardless of whether season 7 will be the final season for the series, fans should expect some major moments when the season introducing Star And Stripe arrives.

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