My Hero Academia Sees Midoriya Learn The Origin Of Gentle Criminal

My Hero Academia's fourth season has finished the battle between Midoriya and Gentle Criminal, as well as the Cultural Festival Arc, but Gentle was able to give Deku a better understanding of his back story before being locked away! With Deku delivering a devastating blow against Gentle, the elastic manipulating villain, the silver haired villain's plan to interrupt the Cultural Festival was ground to a halt. As we learned in a previous installment, Gentle had an origin that is somewhat similar to that of Midoriya, originally beginning his career as an aspiring hero rather than a villain!

Gentle Criminal began his career as a hero that was attempting to hit the major leagues, but his inability to use his Quirk in an efficient way, and his contant failures with the hero exams themselves, made it so that he couldn't progress to the level he was looking to hit. After bungling a rescue of a civilian, Gentle was essentially banished from the world of hero-dom and became a recluse. Feeling that he was no longer welcome in the world of heroes, Gentle decided to attempt to make his name in the universe of villains!

With Midoriya defeating Gentle, the current main criminal of the franchise, La Brava goes into hysterics following Gentle's revelation to Deku regarding his origins. With Gentle Criminal doing everything he can to accept all the blame for this scheme, shielding La Brave from any punishment by the authorities, it's clear that despite his villainous ways, there is still some good lying inside of him.


A number of villains that we've seen in the past of My Hero Academia have been dark reflections of our heroes, with Shigaraki and All For One being mirror versions of Midoriya and All Might! With Gentle revealing his origin to the next "Symbol Of Peace", it's clear that his dreams were similar to that of Deku's, with both of them attempting to make names for themselves in the world of heroes. Though Deku has been successful in his attempts when it comes to UA Academy, it's clear that even a slight slip up could destroy his dreams in their tracks!

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