My Hero Academia Reveals Another Quirkless Tragedy

The reveal of Class 1-A's traitor hits a little too close to home for Deku and his own troubled past.

My Hero Academia's anime adaptation might have already ended the fight featuring Star And Stripe and Shigaraki, but Class 1-A is seeing bombshells arrive outside of the battlefield. As Deku and his classmates attempt to figure out what to do now that the traitor has been revealed, the harsh truth surrounding All For One's mole harkens back to Izuku Midoriya's upbringing. In a world where Quirks are plentiful among the human race, both Deku and the traitor have a major characteristic in common.

Warning. If you have yet to watch the third episode of My Hero Academia's seventh season, be forewarned that we'll be discussing the identity of UA Academy's traitor. As anime fans witnessed, Aoyama, aka Can't Stop Twinkling, was revealed as the traitor. Rather than feeding intel to All For One simply for selfish reasons, Aoyama was working for the League of Villains to make sure that his parents were all right. In Can't Stop Twinkling's early years, his parents went to some extreme lengths to help their son be "normal", which led to the series of events that we are witnessing today. For quite some time, Aoyama seemed fixated on Deku and the reasoning has been revealed in more ways than one.

(Photo: BONES)

Aoyama The Quirkless

While the question remains what Deku's Quirk might have been if not for the intervention of All For One and Dr. Garaki, Aoyama was born without a super power to call his own. Fearing for his future and his place in society, Aoyama's parents decided to go to All For One to give their son his navel Quirk that he uses to this day. Thanks to this Quirk being unnatural, Aoyama continues to struggle with firing his "navel laser" as it gives him a serious amount of pain once it is expelled.

While Aoyama lashes out at his friends once the truth is revealed, Deku continues to offer him a path to redemption in the current anime season. Captured by the young heroes, Can't Stop Twinkling is now confined alongside his parents as all the heroes, young and old, try to figure out what their next steps should be thanks to this latest bombshell. 

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