My Hero Academia Anime Finally Shows Hagakure to the World

My Hero Academia Season 7 revealed Toru Hagakure's face in the newest episode!

My Hero Academia Season 7 has been setting the stage for the final fights between the heroes and villains, and the newest episode of the series finally revealed the Invisible Girl, Toru Hagakure's face in full! My Hero Academia's newest season kicked off with a bang as America's number one hero, Star and Stripe, fought Tomura Shigaraki in the skies above Japan. But as it was tragically revealed, this was far from the end of the fight as Star and Stripe was ultimately only able to buy time for Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes to prepare to challenge the villains for the final time. 

With the Star and Stripe fight ending in the previous episode, My Hero Academia Season 7 has moved back to U.A. Academy as the heroes are training for the fights to come. It's here that it's finally revealed who the U.A. Academy traitor has been the entire time. But rather than it be Hagakure as many fans had suspected, it turns out the traitor was Yuga Aoyama. When confronting Aoyama in the forest, Hagakure ends up reflecting one of his Navel Laser blasts in such a way that her face is briefly visible. 


Toru Hagakure's face reveal in My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 3

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My Hero Academia: Hagakure's Face Reveal Explained

Although My Hero Academia actually snuck in the reveal of Hagakure's face into the new opening for Season 7, Episode 3 of the season is when it made its full debut. As Hagakure spots Aoyama in the forest speaking with his parents, she unfortunately finds out that they have been working for All For One since the first season of the series. When Aoyama tries to run from Deku later, Deku doesn't quite react fast enough to counter a Navel Laser blast that Aoyama fires at him. 

Instead, Hagakure jumps in front of it to refract it. It burns away a bit of her own invisibility, and with that Hagakure is seen tearfully asking Aoyama why he's been working against all of them. Wondering if all their time spent together as friends was a lie, it was a reveal that came at a heavy emotional cost. Because while fans got to see Hagakure's face for the first real time in the anime, it was far from under good circumstances as now Deku's worried over whether he can even trust Aoyama from this point on.