My Hero Academia's Season Six Premiere Starts The Paranormal Liberation War

The War has begun in My Hero Academia, as the season six premiere has arrived online and sees the Shonen heroes assembling before a villainous force that ranks over one hundred thousand members strong. With Season Five spending the majority of its time building toward the major confrontation between the Class 1-A heroes and the villainous forces surrounding Shigaraki, the latest episode hits the ground floor running and has some wild moving pieces as the Paranormal Liberation War begins.   

My Hero Academia's fifth season focused not just on building up the villains to their most powerful position in the Shonen series to date, it also saw many of the heroes receive an upgrade when it came to their respective Quirks. During the first half of season five, the young crime fighters of Class 1-A found themselves fighting against their rivals in 1-B via a "friendly" training exercise where various heroes were pitted against one another. Following this "Civil War's" conclusion, Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki accepted internships with Endeavor's agency, learning as much as they could from the current number one hero.

You can watch the season six premiere at Crunchyroll by clicking this link, with the initial outing for My Hero Academia's War Arc setting the stage and building the tension as the heroes attempt to take the forces of All For One and Shigaraki by surprise. The series will continue to be released on Saturdays on a weekly schedule, so keep that in mind as the struggle for UA Academy's world continues. 

A lot happened in a relatively short amount of time with the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation Front, as all the heroes split up into two sides, with one being led by Endeavor and the other being headed by Edgeshot. With the fiery hero leading a charge against Dr. Garaki and his powerful Nomu, the ninja hero is taking the fight directly to a meeting of the higher-ups within the villainous collective. With Mirko already jumping into battle and quite brutally taking down her fair share of Nomu, My Hero Academia isn't wasting any time when it comes to the battle that will decide the fate of Hero Society.

The official description for this premiere, titled "A Quiet Beginning", reads as such:


"Through Hawks' reconnaissance, the professional heroes gather together after obtaining info on the hideout of the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Shigaraki and at the hospital where the Doctor creates the Nomus. Finally, the all-out war between Heroes and Villains begins!"

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