My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up the 'Second War' Arc

My Hero Academia has (finally) arrived at the big climactic final battle, and the series is letting fans know by giving that final fight an official name: the "Second War" Arc. It's a title that is very on-the-nose, considering we just got done with the first War Arc not too long ago. But after so many starts and stops since then (arguably at the expense of My Hero Academia's entire momentum) it's probably for the best that we've come to the official beginning of the end. 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!) 

Both the pro heroes and League of Villains have spent months preparing for war in chess-like moves of preparation and spying. Chapter 342 of My Hero Academia's manga looks inside the fortress that is now U.A. High, as the spies for All For One inside the school start to sew new discord. The goal is to make U.A.'s evacuees once again push Izuku Midoriya into a place of desperate isolation – but the heroes are also working their own angles. 

All Might shows up to touch base with Class 1-A and finally starts to reveal the details of the super-secret plan he's been hatching alongside the likes of Hawks, Endeavor, and Best Jeanist. All Might's secret plan has been teased for many chapters now – all we know is that it involves a critical second battle (besides defeating All For One Shigaraki)  the heroes need to win, in order to determine the outcome of the fight. 


In any event, it's during that briefing that All Might gives us the big signal flare that the Second War Arc is about to kick off: 

"It's about what comes next, and we're only informing select individuals for now," All Might tells the gang. "It's time to discuss our final plans for this Second Pivotal War." 

So there you have it: a great big name-drop to give this next story arc a name and let readers know that it's time to once again sit up and pay attention. My Hero Academia had been kind of leaving fans hanging when it came to these post-War story arcs. The major thrills and forward propulsion of the series took a backseat to somewhat muddled side-arcs like 'Dark Deku' or Shigaraki's battle with America's top hero, Star and Stripe. 

Granted, all of those arcs had a distinct purpose in setting up the power balances and character bonds needed for the final fight. But it's doubtful you'll hear any fan complaining if we now just go ahead and get on with it

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