My Hero Academia Burns Hot With Todoroki's Greatest Statue To Date

The fifth season of My Hero Academia brought to a close the My Villain Academia Arc, putting Shigaraki in a position of power as he took the reigns of the Meta Liberation Army, and with the sixth season confirming the adaptation of the War Arc, Shoto Todoroki is going to be front and center in this titanic battle. Now, ARTFX and Kotobukiya have created a new statue that shows off the true power of the son of Endeavor and his mother Rei, blasting out fire and ice thanks to the strength of his Quirk which makes him one of the strongest heroes of UA Academy. 

Shoto Todoroki had an interesting journey throughout the fifth season, not just thanks to the battles he underwent as a part of the Joint Training Exercise, but thanks to his training beneath the number one hero, his father Endeavor. Patrolling the streets alongside Midoriya and Bakugo, Shoto is apparently inching ever closer to forgiving his father for the torture that Endeavor had put him and his family through hell and back. The next season will be a big one for the fire and ice hero, especially with the villain Dabi being one of the major villains of the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front.

Kotobukiya shares the first look at the new Shoto Todoroki Statue via its Official Twitter Account, which is set to arrive next summer and will retail for around $150 USD for those fans of My Hero Academia who want to add this new figure to their anime collection:

Things are very different in the pages of the manga following the conclusion of the War Arc and while we won't dive into heavy spoiler territory, Shoto Todoroki is going through some rough times. Attempting to hold together his family while realizing that his father might not be able to battle against Dabi and the League of Villains for a number of reasons, a lot of responsibility has fallen on Shoto's shoulders, especially with Deku bouncing around the city in an attempt to save hero society. 

What do you think of this blazing new statue for Shoto Todoroki? Are you hyped to see Shoto in the upcoming adaptation of the War Arc in the anime's sixth season? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.