My Hero Academia Gives Vigilantes Villain Major Thanos Moment

My Hero Academia gave its big Vigilantes villain a major Thanos moment with the newest chapter of [...]

My Hero Academia gave its big Vigilantes villain a major Thanos moment with the newest chapter of the series! The My Hero Academia spin-off manga has kicked off its major Naruhata War arc with the milestone 100th chapter of the series, and it has seen the small town of Naruhata break into more chaos than ever. Number Six has returned after his battle with Koichi and the pro heroes, and now the series has seen a stronger Six than ever as he's overheating his Overclock quirk to powerful new degrees in order to launch a widespread attack on the town.

The previous chapter of the series saw Number Six make his way into the hospital in order to finish off Pop Step, and he began to reveal all of the improvements and changes he's made to his body since we had seen him last. Detective Tsukauchi had been working with Koichi and the other vigilantes in order to corner Six at the hospital, and the cliffhanger had seen Tsukauchi and the others pin him down. But as the newest chapter proves with a big Thanos like moment, Tsukauchi and the others should have gone for the head.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga 103 Spoilers Number Six Thanos Moment
(Photo: Shueisha / Marvel)

Chapter 103 of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes picks up as Tsukauchi pins Six to the ground and handcuffs him. Six soon breaks out of these cuffs however when he starts to use a deep breathing technique and his body melts and contorts until he's completely freed of the handcuffs. Revealing that his body is now made up of more than half of the Bomber proto-Nomu cells and that they take form according to commands from his brain, he jokes that hurting his limbs won't do it.

But like a famous Thanos line in Avengers: Infinity War, Six then tells Tsukauchi that if he wanted Six dead, he should've aimed for the head. This is a pretty neat coincidence but it's taken further into its Thanos connection when he then pulls his hand back and his knuckles start to glow much like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet did. It just goes to show how much trouble Koichi and the others really are in with Number Six.

His body and mind might be unstable due to the power of his quirk and Nomu body, but that's just going to make him all the more desperate for total destruction. But what did you think of this connection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!