My Hero Academia Just Dropped a Gory Two-Face Reference

My Hero Academia's Vigilantes spin-off series is no stranger to DC Comics Easter Eggs, and the newest chapter features a gory reference to Batman villain Two-Face. Vigilantes' latest arc has seen The Crawler and Pop Step in one of the most intense fights of their lives, and it was all orchestrated by the villain Number Six in the hopes of making his debut as a pro hero. Tapping into the kinds of tragic origins you see in Batman comic books, Number Six was hoping to become a hero with the kind of story the public would root for and worship.

Not only was he planning to do so with a quirk stolen from a hero based on DC Comics' super hero, The Flash, and was wearing a costume mirroring Batman comics vigilante hero, Nightwing, but Number Six was used as a reference point to DC Comics once more when his face was horribly disfigured by Endeavor's flames...transforming him into a dead ringer for the Batman villain, Two-Face.

As the fight against the Queen Bee possessed Pop Step got more intense, things literally got more heated as Endeavor violently destroyed property around him with his intense flames. These flames eventually enveloped Number Six as well, and he cursed the fact that The Crawler was able to avoid them. Chapter 84 of the series gives us an update on how the villain is doing, and it's not looking great.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Batman Two-Face Easter Egg Gore Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Half of Number Six's face remained the same, but the other had been disfigured and damage. The villain says his body will heal in due time, even from severe injuries like this, but Six is now clearly aiming at The Crawler. He blames the Crawler for ruining his big heroic debut by stopping the Queen Bee possessed Pop Step, and he gorily threatened to kill Crawler as his face continued to fall apart.

The side profile of his face is a clear shout out to the famous Batman villain Two-Face, who was severely disfigured in the same way in the DC Comics universe. What did you think of this shout out? Did you expect to see yet another reference to the Batman world? Where do you think the fight between Number Six and The Crawler will go from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!