French Presidential Candidate Just Mixed Naruto With Politics

If you have kept up with Naruto, then you know the knuckle-headed ninja mostly grew out of his cringe teen years to become a rather important leader. After the Fourth Great Ninja War ended, Naruto Uzumaki eventually became the Hokage of Konoha, and the powerful ninja became a political figure like none other. Even though Naruto may hate paperwork, the hero did much for the village to usher it into a new era of prosperity. And, now, it looks like one French politician is leaning on Naruto's leadership savvy to help out his own presidential campaign.

Over in France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon‏ made it known that he at least knows of Naruto if he is an outright fan. The man is currently running for president in France as the left-wing politician continues to hold speeches. Often compared to Bernie Sanders, the colorful candidate has embraced popular culture during his campaign thus far. So, when Mélenchon‏ took to Twitter recently, fans were stunned to see the man make a Naruto reference.

Recently, Mélenchon‏ began a leg of his political campaign by using a 3D hologram to appear in both Paris and Lyon simultaneously. It was later reported that the presidential hopeful appeared in a total of six locations at one. Using Twitter, Mélenchon‏ shared a montage video which explained the purpose behind his appearing act - and the politician joked he used a jutsu to do it.

The tweet containing the sizzle-reel has no information prefacing it aside from a single caption which read: Kage bunshin no jutsu.

That's right. The man who may become France's president namedropped a Naruto jutsu during his political campaign.

If you are not familiar with the Kage Bunshin technique, it may be because you have not heard its Japanese name before. The English dub of Naruto refers to the move as the Shadow Clone technique. The move was first created by the second Hokage, and the B-rank move is considered a secretive one. However, its haughty status did not prevent Naruto from stealing instructions to it as a child, and the ninja's insane chakra reserves made it possible for him to do the cloning technique. The jutsu is also a staple of Naruto's as the boy uses it all the time, so it seems appropriate for Mélenchon‏ to try and learn the move.

After all, if he wants to become a president who is as skilled as the Hokage, Mélenchon‏ will have some work to do. Believe it!

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