Naruto Admits There Is More to a Tailed Beast's Death Than We Knew

It seems like Naruto Shippuden didn't give us the full spiel on what happens when a bijuu dies.

Naruto Uzumaki has taken fans on a wild ride over the years. From their first mission to their first day as Hokage, the ninja has done it all. Since his story began, Naruto has helped build a rich world for fans to explore with help from the Tailed Beasts. And now, a new update from Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has given fans an important update on the bijuu.

If you did not realize, the latest chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex went live this week, and it is rather intense. The update checks in on Himawari and Team Ten as they flee from one of the Ten-Tails soldiers. When we reunite with Naruto's second child, Himawari is deep in her mind, and it is there we learn the girl has become one with Kurama.

You might be wondering how that is possible, and to be honest, fans felt the same. In the past, Naruto has made it clear that the Tailed Beasts can die, but they do not stay dead. After several years, Naruto explained any killed bijuu will have reformed to its full glory in nature, and that is why the cycle of Jinchuriki would begin again. But in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, we have learned a secret behind the bijuu afterlife: the death of a Tailed Beast does not always put them back into nature.

"The death of bijuu aren't eternal. Even if our bodies and soul perish, we will surely come back again. The essence will reappear and we will resurrect," Kurama told Himawari during their first meeting.

As it turns out, the essence Kurama mentioned did not reappear in nature despite our assumptions. The kernel was found within Himawari, and Kurama's nature chakra latched on to it. She has been cultivating Kurama's power for years now, ever since Naruto lost access to the Nine-Tailed Fox. And now, the time has come for Himawari to forge her own bond with the bijuu.

In this latest update, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex makes its clear that Kurama's resurrection within Himawari is unusual, but it breaks the rule nevertheless. For years, the Naruto fandom believed the Tailed Beasts could only return to nature after their deaths as part of the world's chakra cycle. But as it turns out, well – that is just not the case.

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