Naruto Sets Up Boruto's Next Big Battle in New Titles

Naruto Uzumaki knows a thing or three about fighting, and he has seen some ringers in his time. From the Akatsuki to Orochimaru and beyond, the Hidden Leaf has dealt with its fair share of wild rides. Now, the series has a new threat to worry about, and a set of episode titles have gone live to tease Boruto's next battle.

The whole thing went live when TV listings in Japan revealed the next titles for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was there fans saw the name of episodes 212 and 213 for the first time. Manga readers were quick to pick up the titles given their ties to the series, and things are about to pop off once more.

As it turns out, August 22 will welcome episode 212 and go by the name of "Amado's Defection". The series will watch as the Kara scientist makes his arrival to somewhere outside of Kara, so fans are betting he goes to the Hidden Leaf. After all, something has always been off about the scientist, and Amado will surely prove as much is true with this release.

The following episode will bring Boruto to August 29, and it is titled "True Identity". For those who have read the Boruto manga, this name will be very familiar to you. After all, Amado's defection leads into a battle that the manga hasn't even followed up on as of now. The identity in question has to do with Jigen as the leader of Kara is put under a microscope. But along the way, the identity of another Kara members should come to light courtesy of Kashin Koji...!

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