Naruto: Boruto Next Generations Part 1 Will End Shortly

It seems things are about to shake up with the Naruto franchise. After all, new reports from Japan have confirmed Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to take its anime off the air. The Boruto anime has confirmed its first part will be closing shortly after rumors suggested a finale was on its way. But before you fret, just know Boruto plans to return with a part two in the future!

According to official reports, the Boruto anime will end its first half with episode 293. This means the Naruto anime will close on March 26th and take our favorite heroes along with it. So if you have anything to share with Hinata or Sasuke, you better do it now.

Of course, reports from Studio Pierrot and Shueisha confirmed the Boruto anime will return at some point. A part two of the sequel has been ordered, but the series has no return window set. A slew of other anime-related announcements were made shortly after Boruto's finale went public including a revival of the original Naruto anime. The OG series is planning a four-part comeback later this year as several original episodes will be released.

As for Boruto's end, fans of Naruto admit they saw this finale coming a mile away. After all, the hit sequel has had a pacing problem since Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live. The anime has been plagued with filler arcs since day one as more than 70% of Boruto does not come from the manga. This is all because the Boruto manga is published monthly, so it is impossible for the Naruto sequel to keep up content demand with Studio Pierrot's weekly anime. By taking a break, the Boruto manga will have enough time to release content in excess for its anime. And of course, the Boruto manga has positioned itself and the anime at a good midpoint as its long-awaited time skip is just around the corner.

If you are not caught up with the Boruto anime or manga, you have time to catch up on the title. The show debuted seven years ago now and has over 250 episodes to its name. The Naruto sequel is streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu right now. And as for the Boruto manga, the monthly series is published in realtime with Japan on the Shonen Jump app as well as Manga Plus. 

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