Naruto Promo Hypes Sarada's Chidori Debut

While Kawaki, the 'Vessel', has taken center stage for the past several episodes as he attempts to [...]

While Kawaki, the "Vessel", has taken center stage for the past several episodes as he attempts to integrate with the villagers of the Hidden Leaf Village, it seems as if Sarada Uchiha is set to make a splash once again by showing off one of her father's patented techniques in the devastating blow known as the Chidori. While Naruto had a mastery over his "wind ball" known as the Rasengan, Sasuke decided to take a different route and learned how to harness a deadly attack that would allow him to harness electricity in his palm and it seems that Sarada is following in her father's footsteps.

On top of the Chidori, Sarada has shown that she has also inherited the ability to use the power of the Sharingan as a part of Team 7, making her an effective ninja within the village of Konoha. As Sarada is the brains of the operation among the trio of Konoha's strongest young ninjas, she has recently trained alongside her father in preparation for the continuing fight against the Kara Organization who have nefarious things in store for the Hidden Leaf, Team 7, and the Vessel who has managed to escape their grasp in Kawaki.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared a new image from the upcoming episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation's anime, showing off Sarada wielding the power of the Chidori that she was able to learn thanks in part to her father's training and the bloodline of the Uchihas:

On top of Sarada unleashing her new attack, the next episode also promises to feature a meeting of the minds between Kawaki and the Nine-Tailed Fox, who tells the Vessel that he saws more than a few things in common between the young ninja and Naruto of the past. While neither Kawaki nor Team 7 have tailed beasts bouncing around inside of themselves, both the Vessel and Boruto are struggling to understand the mysterious energy known as Karma that has a serious link to the Kara Organization and clearly will have a big role to play in the future of the Shonen franchise.

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